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The mo’ you know!

So, my creative process is something that is constantly happening…

When I describe it to friends and family, I use the following analogy: “It’s like I have 1000 pistons, all firing at different intervals… 24/7.” These brain pistons, often have nothing to do with the other brain pistons, and sometimes they do. Somehow, I’m able to keep track of EVERY thought in that lil brain motor of mine… I dunno, maybe it’s my wiccan ways at work. Yes. I rather like that, it feels like it’s the correct reason,

In my pursuit of natural formulations and creations, I am learning new information about various ingredients that are used by larger corporations in the production of their products.

One I recently discovered new information about is Polysorbate, its has several variations, but they all have the same bottom line as it pertains to why it’s used and what it’s be linked to… Polysorbate is derived from sorbitol, a natural ingredient. However, that doesn’t make it a natural ingredient, not even remotely close to being a natural product. Polysorbate is a carcinogen, due to the fact that it is treated with various dosages or in my lil brain, “shots” of ethylene oxide. There are many different grades of polysorbate, such as polysorbate 20, 40 and 80. The higher the number, the more parts of ethylene oxide it has been treated with.

I’ve discovered that a plethora of other small entities who make and market their own beauty products often use polysorbate 20 or even 80, as an emulsifying agent in their “natural products”. Whoa! I mean come on meow! Nope, never, not this dame. I’m going to avoid that ingredient and other icky ingredients like the plague! They aren’t necessary as their are many good for you alternatives.

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