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My paradigm reconstructed..

Hey there. If you’ve stumbled upon my site, welcome and enjoy the various bouts of bloggish thingies; one’s in which I will put the goings ons in my mind at any given moment. I will also be offering up a newly created idea, a product that is unique in today’s market, and one that will leave you asking why? Why has this not been done before… stay tuned, bookmark, sit and stare mindlessly at you screen… soon those will be added to the site.

In other news…


It marks a change. A change in life. A change in ideas. A change in self. A change in everything I had previously thought to be of my own ideals, interests and  goals. Mind you, this has been a long time coming, and slow going process that took many years for me to navigate. Also, take note, that for many years I lived within the box that society… people… and shoved me into, one in which there’s no room for truly being yourself…. even though, that’s the advice that EVERYONE gives you. “Be yourself…. but don’t do that. Oh and don’t’ think that, either. Yeah… you might want top change that about you too. And remember to always be you…. just not quite you, more like a you that is kind of you, but not really you, you.”

Fortunately for me, I have this gift to not do as I’m told… to become bored quite easily and change things up when I’ve had enough. To decide the following… “Yeah, you know that really is not going to work for me, sorry, not sorry.” Deuces!!




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